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Here is presented Independent Saint's latest solo project - Psychonaut. Meant to combine the higher levels of consciousness with computed vibrations, it should feel like electronic ayurveda, an esoteric and energetic travel through spirit and mind of post industrial age. Knowledgeable friends classified this music as Dark Electro Pop. Developments may also be observed at  Psychonaut Project myspace page.

Performing Psychonaut Project on stage, Independent Saint plays with a drummer, although the live concept is evolving constantly and on-stage support might yet increase in numbers. Official Psychonaut Project drummer is Kresimir Oreski.

Official Psychonaut Project photographer is Bladefetish. You may check her works at

This site was designed by Independent Saint and Joris Osterhaus, programmer and webmaster.

Update 04-08-2009

Independent Saint is in the changing mood. Psychonaut project has fallen a bit out of my focus during last couple of months, since I have been busy with satisfying some other of my multyple personalities. As a consequence, you may expect new re-designed Independent Saint home page, which will present all of my projects and feature all the news simultaneously as I make progress at each of them. Maybe in September...

Update 06-01-2009

Independent Saint wishes to share his new year gift with you. Official video for Free Fall is finally ready thanks to the effort of my old friend Simon Bogojević Narath and the Bonobo Studio crew.  Special thanks ( hugs and kisses) go to Red Lilly for adding up to the magic by appearing in this video and on the cover of the Psychonaut Project CD (to be released soon).

Update 05-12-2008

Independent Saint had two Psychonaut performances in Novemeber. First and solo one was on Monday, 17th at Mind Fucking Mondays evening in De Vinger, Den Haag (visuals will follow soon). Second was on Friday, 21st as support to Das Ich in Boogaloo, Zagreb in full force with Kresimir Oreski on drums. Some Boogaloo photos and footage are available now at Gallery and TV pages. Full steam ahead!

Update 16-11-2008

Developments will be posted on this site which is still under construction and will be perpetually improved and developed as new contents are added. Demo versions of the Psychonaut songs are uploaded into the player on this page and video content to Psychonaut TV will be added in December. You may look forward to video for Free Fall which is in making at the moment and to some live footage from November gigs in Croatia and Netherlands for the beginning.

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